List of National Bank of Pakistan Branches

National Bank Of Pakistan Branches and Codes

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National Bank of Pakistan Branches

National Bank is a commercial bank owned by Pakistani Government which is a subsidiary of SBP (State Bank of Pakistan).


It was established under the NBP Ordinance of 1949 and was owned by Pakistani Government. Headquarter of NBP is situated in Karachi. National Bank of Pakistan has 1507 online branches in Pakistan. This financial institution provides the public and commercial business banking services. It’s actually a lead participantNational Bank of Pakistan Branches in the debt-equity market place, corporate investment banking, retail and customer banking, agricultural finances, treasury services.

NBP has generated a Broad Range of consumer goods, to Boost up the business to various sections of the society and also fulfill its own social duties.

What is Bank code of national Bank of Pakistan?

There is no bank code but there are unique codes for every branch of NBP which are called branch codes. Branch codes are unique four digit codes for every branch. While making any online transaction branches are identified by its unique four digit code. If you have an account in National Bank and you are not sure about your branch code then you can get it from the list provided below.

How do I find my bank branch code?

There are two ways to find your branch code easily. The first is that there is a list provided below with branch name and its code. The second way is that you can get it from cheque or cheque book. At the bottom of the cheque there is code like (PK95NBPA0457003072431505). From where the numbering is starting the first 4 digits are branch code of you bank. For example you can see in above line the branch code is highlighted in red color.

NBP branch name and their codes

Every branch of NBP with name and code is listed in the article below. These lists are categorized by provinces so, you just have to click on your province and scroll down to find detail of your desired branch.

NBP Branches in Fedral Capital
NBP Branches in Azad Kashmir
NBP Branches in Baluchistan
NBP Branches in Gilgit Baltistan
NBP Branches in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
NBP Branches in Sindh
NBP Branches in Punjab

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