Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)-Pakistan
Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)-Pakistan

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FBR Overview

FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) is a federal government organization formerly known as Central Board of Revenue (CBR). The function of this institution is to investigate about tax crimes and money laundering. FBR ensures the collection of tax from all individuals and businesses in the country.

History of FBR

This institution was established on 1st April 1924 under the enactment of “Central Board of Revenue Act, 1924”. In July 2007 the “FBR Act” was passed and CBR (Central Board of Revenue) was renamed to FBR (Federal FBRBoard of Revenue) and was put under the division of Revenue of Ministry of Finance.

Functions of FBR

FBR is a Semi-Government institution of Pakistan. The main function of this institution is to enforce law and to collect revenue for the Pakistani Government. FBR is responsible for 3 things which are described below.
 1) Collection of taxes, federal duties and other levis
 2) Administration and formulation of fiscal policies
3) Deciding taxation appeals and cases in judicial function
It basically operates through RTOs (Regional Tax Offices) and LTUs (Large Taxpayer Units). This institute has two wings.

1) Income Tax Department
2) Customs Department

The main wing of FBR is the Inland Revenue Service (Income Tax Department). Income Tax Department administers Sales Tax, Income Tax and other kind of taxes.
The Custom Department administers the import duties and regulates the international trade according to the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by government.

Online Services by FBR

Federal Board of Revenue has taken an initiative for the ease of customers in shape of online services. Federal Board is now providing its online services to people with few clicks. We are providing two major services on this website. First is Iris (Income Tax Service), 2nd is NTN Verification Service (Online Verification Portal). You can get detailed information about your desired services by clicking on the links below.

  1. Income Tax Services (Iris)

  2. Online Verification Portal (NTN Verification)

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