FBR Iris (e-filing of income tax returns)

Iris (e-filing of income tax returns)

Complete Guide to Use FBR Iris

What is FBR Iris?

Iris is an online feature of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) where you can fill your income tax returns. This system is introduced to facilitate tax payers of Pakistan so, now you can fill up your tax returns online yourself with some easy steps.

How I can login to Iris?

If you want to login to fbr Iris then you first have to get registered and get National Taxation Number (NTN). After getting your NTN number you can login to fbr Iris by entering NTN and Password.

Guide for Filling Income Tax Return

  • The first step to fill your income tax return you have to type or click on the following link in your internet browser.


After clicking on the link you will get the page shown in the picture below.

Iris login page

On this stage you have to put Registration Number and Password As Shown in the picture and click on login.

  • After successful login you will be redirected to the main page where you will get all your required data.

Iris Dashboard

on the main page you will get Multiple options like first option is for registration the second option is for Declaration of assets third is for Rectification the fourth one is for refund and the last one is for with holding or advance tax. You can choose your appropriate option and complete your work on it.

On the right side of the main page there are four more option for customers ease. The first option is of Notifications. In notification option you will receive any message sent to you by FBR. There is second option to change the pin so, i you want to change your pin code you just have to click this (Change Pin) option and easily reset your pin. The third option there is to change login password means you can also change your password from fbr Iris dashboard. The last one option is to logout, It means if you have complete your work and you want to close this dashboard you just have to click on logout option.

Video Guide on How to use fbr Iris

We have uploaded a video in which you will find full guidance about how to use fbr iris.

How to Recover / Reset Password

In the beginning of launch of fbr Iris it was difficult to recover or reset your password in case if you forget your password. But now the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched new features to fbr Iris. FBR has noticed that the most controversial problem to users is that mostly users forget password every year. It is noticed that 80 percent of queries are related to password problem. So FBR has put this feature on login page so users can easily change their password.

We have also uploaded video related to password recovery. You can watch uploaded video below and do same steps to recover or change your password.

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